Accomplishing Goals (Sorta)

I’m not going to hit my Camp NaNo hours this year.

And I’m okay with that.

My initial NaNo target was 100 hours of work. So far, I’ve accomplished 27 of those 100 hours or about 37% of the overall goal. Statistically, that’s not a lot. I haven’t even hit 50% of that, and I don’t think that I will be able to by the end of the month unless I get my hands on a time turner or some other handy gadget that breaks the laws of physics (time is a physics thing? Right? There’s a reason I’m not a scientist.)

But despite the bleak turn out, I’m quite pleased; I got a lot of research, note-taking, planning, and plotting done in that 27 hours. My general end-result goal was that I would have the foundation for my novel laid out for deeper plotting in August and through to October, and that was something that I did accomplish.

As you know, my track record with Camp NaNo and NaNoWriMo has been abysmal. I’ve never finished one. Ever. Usually, by the halfway mark I’ve written off my project and I’ve not even tried to keep up. This year, I took my hours where I could, and I have no intention of stopping the momentum that I have with my novel. While I’ve not met and will not meet my goal this year, that in and of itself makes me optimistic about the coming months.

So… I’m not counting this as a fail. It’d be doing myself a disservice to do so.

I think with the coming months and the impending NaNoWriMo I want to participate in, I’ll definitely be changing up my strategy to ensure that I do hit my NaNo goal come November, which of course is 50,000 words.

Some lessons learned:

  • Scheduling is my friend.
  • Time spent playing around on YouTube could be spent writing or plotting.
  • Stressing gets me nowhere and I should stop doing that.

The only way to go from here is up, right?

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