Hello 2019

My name is Montgomery and this is a relaunch.

I’ve been sitting, excited and impatient, for the last few months while I worked on the direction that I wanted to take my blog and roughly what I wanted to use this blog for. I’ve run blogs in the past, both on WordPress and Tumblr, from fan blogs and vague attempts at advice and how-to blogs, to blogs where I could shit post in peace without having to load up my family’s Facebook feeds with memes. This blog, or rather the first iteration of this blog, was completely different. It was my first attempt at posting original content and blogs, with the intention of them being about writing and my personal writing journey. I like to think sometimes that it was a valiant attempt and an attempt it was… valiant, not so much. I was bad at sticking to my schedule, because I had created one for myself that was fairly impossible to keep up with full-time work, and I had a disorganized, chaotic collection of content that didn’t feel like it really belonged together, let alone like it came from me, and I slowly came to the conclusion that I wasn’t actually passionate about what I was writing and what I was trying to do.

So I abandoned it, created this blog, and circa October 2018 I was very tempted to abandon it as well, barring some sort of miracle that got rid of my crippling impostor syndrome or turned my depression magically into creativity fuel, because if it’s not me unintentionally sabotaging myself, it’s my brain. I felt like I couldn’t win either way, but I hate giving up on projects. So I sat down with myself, grabbed a notebook, and decided to figure my shit out.

A big part of the problem was that I found I was trying to do what other people were doing with their blogs, with very little variation and not the kind of imagination I would expect of myself.

I’m a writer by nature, and a voracious devourer of stories. It doesn’t matter the medium, whether it be books, comics and manga, TV shows or movies; I find enjoyment in consuming media and thinking about it and having opinions and discussions about the stories that are there. My best work comes from things that interest me, either positively or negatively and that’s what I realized was missing from early attempts at blogging that I wanted to capture here in the same way that I could sit down and have hours long conversations with friends or my partners just about a story. The cut and dry reviews and lackluster, possibly inauthentic ‘writer’ content I was producing was a far cry from what I wanted to do, but I was doing it because I thought that’s how I needed to get my blog seen.

Rookie mistake; we’re over that this year.

I’m a writer and a consumer, and I want this blog to reflect that. While I probably won’t be posting original writing, I will be talking about my personal writing experiences candidly while I work on my own stories, ideas and opinions regarding writing and media, as well as the occasional review with an emphasis on discussing the writing within the books and sometimes movies and shows that I come across. The overall focus is on writing, and the varied forms in which writing happens will guide the kind of content that put here.  

Where that puts this blog in 2019 is being a hub of discussion and creation–the overall idea that I had in the first place, poorly executed. I have a lot of amazing things planned for 2019, starting with kicking off the 2019 Acres of Ink Challenge hosted by Acres of Ink that gives you 52 stellar weekly prompts to talk exclusively about your WIP, as well as a project later this year that involves remediation of literature and deep dives into some of my favorite remediated content.

So, here’s to a new year, new content, and hopefully some fun.

See ya!


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