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We’re getting a two-for-the-price-of-one here with the first WIP Wednesday of the year doubling as the first Acres of Ink post! Acres of Ink is a 52-prompt writing challenge that discusses all things WIP, from characters to settings and concepts in your book, and more. You can learn more about the year-long challenge here for a full list of the prompts if you’d like to participate, and feel free to use it as an excuse to check out Acres of Ink; Kim is an amazing person and wonderfully talented.

Your motivation/inspiration for writing your book.

There was no one source of inspiration that lead to the development of my current WIP, The Triangle. It initially was a very rough idea that I jotted down in my notebook:

‘A pirate and their crew gets stranded in the Bermuda Triangle, quickly discovering that the treacherous territory where ships disappear is a gateway into the fae realm.’

And from there it sat for a bit. I worked on some other projects, but the idea wouldn’t go away and I decided to take a real crack at that random idea that quite honestly didn’t seem like it would make a lot of sense. I started with research, and it was the research that really catapulted the inspiration for the final, overall concept of TT.

The two big-ticket items on my research list were the Golden Age of Piracy and faeries. I love pirates and faeries separately but didn’t have a lot of practical knowledge on the historical basis of pirates or the actual myths and extent of what encompasses fae lore. I wanted more to go off of than Pirates of the Carribean and ‘elves, but with wings.’

There’s a gritty malevolence that undercuts a lot of fae creatures and fae myths in general, and I was really interested in exploring how reshaping the rich myths of Celtic cultures and the creatures in their folklore could fit well with a darker fantasy story involving piracy and the culture of piracy. (Fun fact, faeries make surprisingly good pirates.)

The more I researched and developed the bones of my world and the story, the more it moved from historical fantasy to fantasy with a heavy inspiration laying in the Golden Age of Piracy, the idea of a location like the Bermuda Triangle being related to faeries, and Celtic mythology and cultures. The result is what I imagine Treasure Island would be if you tossed in mythic lands blending with human society, magical black markets, and fantastical creatures. There’s a vibrant, imaginative world that has an underlying and sometimes overtly dark nature, and that’s ultimately the two sides of the world that my characters end up playing a part in.

And, that’s it! It’s amazing how one errant thought can give birth to a whole new world.

Are you currently working on a novel? What was your inspiration? Feel free to take part in AOI 2019 and let us know, or comment below!

See you for the next scribble.

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