Writing Wrap-Up | February

February was… weird for writing. I think the fact that going into it already having fewer days to get things done, it throws things out of whack as far as productivity goes. I didn’t have the best stride this month in getting through my current WIP, but I did accomplish enough that I feel like I’m allowed to be happy about it. A list:

  • Outlined 8 chapters.
  • Wrote around 4,000 words towards the first chapter.
  • Added to necessary research relevant to world-building.
  • Figured out a snag in some of the back stories and have ironed that shit out–mostly.
  • I don’t hate what I’ve written.

Some lines I’m pleased with:

He waits in the front room of the hovel, where not even the idly crackling fire pit in the middle can bring warmth to his rain-chilled bones and the low ceiling forces him to stoop uncomfortably where he stands. Coils of short, loc’d hair running down the middle of his head drip what hasn’t soaked into his thick hair onto his forehead. His free hand wipes the drizzle away before it can find its way into bored, honey-colored eyes; the other grips a heavy, burlap satchel in leather-gloved fingers.

Goals for next month:

  • A min of 5,000 words a week.
  • Finishing the book’s outline.
  • Make a list of things to keep in mind for the first rewrite.
  • Get back into Acres of Ink.
  • Don’t panic.

My rewards for hitting my goals:

A feeling of self-accomplishment and a copy of A Clash of Kings.

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