March Re(ad)cap

Soo, let’s get it out there quick that I did not read a lot in March. The TL;DR is that I was sick for a majority of it, so that hurt my reading more than helped it.

C’est la vie.

I did, however, get through a couple of things, and what I did read in March made me very, very happy.

Books I Finished

The one book at I actually finished this month was also one of my most anticipated books for this year, written by my best friend, Caitlin Lochner. I’ll be talking about it more later this month, but suffice to say if you’re looking for an exciting YA in the vein of The Hunger Games with X-Men vibes, you should definitely take a look into it. I’m just saying. The main characters, Lai and Jay, are two of my favorite, and the casual representation throughout the book is perfection.

Books I Started

So Her Infernal Descent is technically a roll over from last month, but I’m counting it here since it’s an on-going read of mine. I decided to poke through my shelves and backlogged TBR and that’s when I realized that I had yet to start on my New 52 Static Shock, and that Battle Royale has been collecting dust on my shelf since the dawn of time.

Next Month

I intend to finish the books that I started this month (and possibly get a little bit ahead in my Goodreads book challenge since I had been ahead of my goal by… five books?) and possibly crack open a couple of the hard backs that I’d hauled at the start of March–I have Swing Time by Zadie Smith and The Seven and a Half Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton collecting dust on my shelf, so those are good contenders for a fresh read.

Here’s to a (better) readerly month, friends.

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