Camp NaNo Log| Just Write Your Damn Novel

Fun fact: I’m a notorious rewriter.

It’s what makes getting through a first draft a slow process for me. It’s also the theme of this week’s NaNo stretch. See, I started with the first section of chapter one written. No big deal; I got to springboard off of an established beginning, and that’s usually a good thing for me. What wasn’t a good thing, was when I had the bright idea to completely change the tense and do the first re-write. I’d started in past tense and decided to put it in present (my go-to for short stories and flash fiction is present tense, and I thought it would work for a novel-length work. It Did Not.)

So the TLDR is that I’m on the third rewrite. Of the first chapter.

In total, I’ve technically written around 9,200 words. My manuscript is sitting at 4,200 usable words. I’m not sure how much of a win I’m allowed to claim for the sets of word counts, given I’ve almost hit the 11,000 word goal where I should be today in terms of total words written, but I’m incredibly far off that in terms of words that go toward my final word count.

That said, I had a good conversation this morning with my cabin members about the struggles of resisting the urge to edit and change things while working on a draft and how craving perfection out of a first draft is futile—perfection in a draft simply doesn’t exist, unless perhaps you’re some sort of wizard person. Or Stephen King (who might actually be a wizard person.)

What it all really boiled down to was being told to get back on track and write my damn book, and I can’t really disagree with this advice.

So with that, I’m cutting this post short and doing just that. Happy writing, folks.


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