Updates, End of Hiatus, Etc~

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve blogged properly. Given the current state of the world I’ve fallen off reading, writing about reading, and writing in general. It’s hard to find time that doesn’t involve being mentally exhausted and emotionally drained, and even reading tends to take a lot out of me these days.

That said, I’m in a certain place of flux where I need something to focus on in addition to keeping myself aware of the things happening around me and continuing to help, donate, and make others aware where I can. I miss reading, discussing books, and throwing my thoughts out into the ether and unfortunately, Twitter (where I spend the bulk of my online time) hasn’t been cutting it. I find Twitter a drain on my energy and mental health. It’s frustrating because Twitter is a place where I can find a lot of information and disseminate it quickly, but it’s the place where conversations go to die and I’m realizing more and more that that’s a truth about the book community.

Besides. I’ve always been the best at expressing myself in long-form writing so it’s time to get back to the tried and true.

Changes Coming

Not a lot as far as formatting goes, but I am going to be focusing more on adult literature here. Fantasy, science fiction, contemporary, and horror/thriller are things that I tend to gravitate towards naturally, so you can expect to see adult books in those genres here more than you will young adult (the occasional review will slip its way in, but I know my niche and what I’m passionate about.)

I’m also moving away from using Goodreads, and that will reflect in book links/where my online TBRs and currently-readings are coming from. Bee & Jasmine both made the community aware of Goodreads alternatives in TheStoryGraph and BookSloth respectively, and so far I’m enjoying their interfaces and organization a hell of a lot more than Goodreads (they’re also two sites/apps created by women of color and not owned by Amazon.)

Currently TheStoryGraph is in beta, and BookSloth is being run by a small team, so I encourage you to join while being aware they’re still ironing out the kinks! (That said, TheStoryGraph currently is able to import your Goodreads TBR, Read, and Currently Reading shelves without you having to manually input your books…) Spoiler-free reviews will be going up on TheStoryGraph and the more in depth & discussion-oriented reviews will be here.

Next on the list: research-oriented projects! I’ve already got the first iteration of Diversify Your Classics underway (a discussion on James Baldwin’s Go Tell It on the Mountain is incoming) but I have a few others regarding tropes, book community trends, and publishing as a whole in the pipeline, so be on the lookout.

Ways to Support the Blog

While I’m not rolling out a Patreon, I have decided to properly make use of my Ko-Fi. I’ll be posting weekly agendas over there and general updates, and if you like what I’m doing, feel free to buy me a coffee. However, times are tight for everyone, so if a coffee isn’t in the cards, you can also indirectly support me by signing up for Scribd with my referral link. You get two months free (on a new account) and I get a kickback of a month free for myself. Means more reading for you, more reading for me, everybody wins.

Annnd that’s all bases covered. Hope you’re as excited as I am to get the ball rolling (again.)

Thank you for taking the time to read! While you’re here, please consider checking out the BLM Master Carrd and the Yemin Crisis Master Carrd for updates and information on the Black Lives Matter movement/protests and how you can help with the humanitarian crisis happening in Yemin.

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