It’s a Wrap! Popculture Readathon Wrap-Up, Thoughts, & Future Anticipation

Welcome back fellow readers. Today, we’ve got a fun (belated) look at last month’s Popculture Readathon, a 90’s movie inspired readathon that was hosted by Whitney from Bookswhitme and Lorryn from Readingparental There were four bingo boards and choose from, of which could read prompts from one, multiple, or all to eventually get bingo.

Now, my track record for readathons has been mentioned before. I historically don’t manage to finish them out (the curse of being a perpetual mood reader.) So… How did I fare? Did I hit bingo? Black out the board?

Well. No. On both accounts

Of the sixteen prompts on the Adult Table board, I had potential books set for fourteen of prompts, and needed to read four in a row to hit a bingo. I read a monumentally staggering two books.

I know, I know, hold your applause.

Not making bingo, however, didn’t put a damper on my experience in the readathon. The two books I read—Waiting on a Bright Moon by J.Y. Yang, and The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo—were phenomenal, and very, very different from each other. Waiting on a Bright Moon was a lush, Chinese-inspired space opera and The Poet X (as I’m sure most of you know) was a brilliant young adult contemporary written entirely in verse. I’ve got reviews on StoryGraph and Goodreads for both, and will definitely speak more about them here this month. The overall verdict? Give Yang and Acevedo your money.

Aside from the books themselves, this readathon was just fun to be a part of. The community Discord was full of amazing people and held several watchalongs for the movies on the readathon’s roster. Re-experiencing the absurdity that was Jawbreaker was a highlight of hanging out in the server, and paired with the 90’s trivia held on the readathon’s Twitter page, I stayed engaged with the community in a way that I find hard to do in previous readathons that I’ve attempted, even if my actual reading was hampered by life being… life. I think this has been one of my most enjoyable readathon experiences and even though this round is over, there are more promised for the future that I’m not going to miss out on. (You can catch updates for future rounds on the PopC Twitter, as well as still join the Discord where we’re watching movies and talking books.)

All in all? The Popculture Readathon was one of the most engaging and fun readathons that I’ve participated in. I highly suggest if you’re about that nostalgia, jumping in on the next couple of mini-rounds and larger round 2 coming up in the next few months.


Whitney: Twitter | Blog | IG

Lorryn: Twitter | Blog | IG

The Epilogue

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