A Quick Review Of Victor LaValle’s Destroyer

Through the lens of Frankenstein, Destroyer unmakes the original Frankenstein mythos and reevaluates it in a way that makes creation stem less from individual hubris and something more akin to desperation.

A Quick Review of Blood is Another Word for Hunger by Rivers Solomon

Revenge is often never as fulfilling as we think it will be, because the harm that’s been done isn’t fixed by that revenge. As a reader, you’re fixated on the supposed satisfaction of witnessing slavers gain their comeuppance, while also having to experience through Sully the visceral reality that healing is never truly so straight forward.

On Our Radar Horror Noire Edition: Horror by Black Authors We’re Dying to Read

On the heels of doing research for my list of 50 Black horror authors, I've found several titles that I'm howling at the moon for this Horror Season. Black writers are often not thought of when we speak of genre fiction, but it's past time to put a stake in that idea and lay it to eternal rest. So, lets take a look at some books that I want to send chills down my spine.

Spooky Reads & October Plans

October has hit the calendar, and for many of us, that means scary reads, chilly nights, and the warmth of pumpkin drinks to keep our bones from rattling.

July Review Copies

We’re getting back in the swing of things here at Fine Point Scribbles, and that includes delving into ARCs and review copies. While I’m reading for the PopCulture Readathon throughout […]

Updates, End of Hiatus, Etc~

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve blogged properly. Given the current state of the world I’ve fallen off reading, writing about reading, and writing in general. It’s hard to […]