Beta Reading

If you’re looking for a beta reader for your manuscript, you’ve come to the right place!

What is Beta Reading?

Beta readers are test readers for unreleased manuscripts. Essentially, beta readers serve as an initial sounding board for a writer seeking to get reader feedback on their book. Beta readers are similar to ARC reviewers, in that a beta reader will have access to an unpublished work. However, beta readers serve as the bridge between a book in its editing stages, and a book that is about to be published whose author is seeking pre-release reviews. A beta reader will read the manuscript and provide feedback and suggestions to the author from a reader’s perspective on the plot, characters, and pacing of book.

Why do you need a beta?

Beta readers are a fresh pair of eyes, and most importantly, a reader’s voice for an author to listen to, to get insight on how a book is received and if the author’s intent comes through in the work. Beta readers are integral to the development of a book, and can help shed light on possible problem areas in a book from a reader’s perspective in an objective and helpful way. While beta readers are not editors, and any opinions or suggestions don’t have to be implemented into the final work, a successful and collaborative beta-author relationship can help a book become polished.

What can you expect from me, as a beta reader?

As a beta, my goals are first and foremost to give helpful, objective feedback. To do that, my process is to read through the entirety of your provided manuscript, providing in-text comments as I go (either through Word’s track changes or through Google Docs, whichever format you prefer) with an additional chapter-by-chapter break down of my thoughts, concerns, and suggestions, as well as an overview of the manuscript as a whole once I’ve finished reading. I like to focus on characters and plot, but also the enjoyability and the value that piece of work displays.

What books can I beta for?


  • High
  • Urban


  • Queer
  • Contemporary

Science Fiction

  • Space Operas
  • Time travel, alternate realities, etc.
  • Dystopians
  • Alien invasions, other worlds, space travel, etc.

I’m also comfortable with books that have sensitive, graphic, sexual, or taboo content.

Sensitivity Reading

I believe that a good beta read rolls in elements of sensitivity reading automatically, but if you’re looking for some direct feedback on the following elements of your book, the following areas are ones I can comment on more explicitly as a person with experience or identity:


  • Biracial (specifically black/white American)


  • Cisgender female
  • Pansexuality and bisexuality

Relationship Dynamics

  • Polyamory
  • BDSM


  • Trauma survivors, particularly with abuse or sexual assault

Mental Health

  • PTSD, anxiety, depression


At this time, my beta reads are entirely free; however, if you enjoy your experience with me, please feel free to spread the word or tip over on my Ko-Fi page.

Getting in Touch for a Beta Read

If you’re interested in getting a beta read from me, please send an email to, subject line ‘Beta Read’ (you can also use the Contact form here on the blog, in the same format.) Include your genre, word count, and about any specifics you want me to particularly focus on. A list of content warnings is optional. You can also ask questions you might have for me regarding your request!

Once we’ve settled on the details, all you have to do is send me your manuscript either as a Word document, or via Google Docs. Turn around depends on the length of your manuscript and the number of manuscripts I already have in the rotation, but I’ll give an expected finish date for the beta read and your feedback.