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Category: Reading

Spooky Reads & October Plans

October has hit the calendar, and for many of us, that means scary reads, chilly nights, and the warmth of pumpkin drinks to keep our bones from rattling.

July Review Copies

We’re getting back in the swing of things here at Fine Point Scribbles, and that includes delving into ARCs and review copies. While I’m reading for the PopCulture Readathon throughout […]


As much as I love the satisfaction that comes with crushing a thick book, actually deciding to pick one up and dive into it in the first place takes a little more effort than I’d like to admit. Sometimes I just don’t have the attention span or the time to dedicate to a larger book; sometimes I’m just outright lazy.

The Book Community has a Boundary Issue

We speculate, theorize, about living, breathing people, as though they are a character in a story we hope and pray is just like us. The problem is, authors are not abstract beings onto which we need to project ourselves, or through which we need to find validation in how we read and who we read.

January Re(ad)cap

January was a busy work month as it usually is (which is part of the reason this wrap-up is coming so late, but we don’t need to get into that.) […]

Cancelathon Announcement

What is Cancelathon? Why should you care? Well, because if you don’t, you’re canceled. Not really. We don’t do that here. Last year, the online book community faced many waves […]