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Category: Reading

Mid-Year Review

Six months have come and gone, meaning we’re halfway through the year and I’m mildly panicking about being behind on my Goodreads challenge by about six books. Did I say […]

April Re(ad)cap

April was another month where I didn’t get a lot of reading done, but the reading that I did get done/started gave me some pretty amazing books, and the promise […]

How We Discuss Classics & Representation

With conversations about representation gaining speed and more books gaining recognition for having more and better diversity, a common trend I’ve noticed is bringing classics into the mix. I have […]

Review Reliability

It’s somewhat ironic talking about the reliability of reviews as a person who writes reviews, but as a reader—of books, and of reviews—I think it’s important to bounce around the […]

March Re(ad)cap

Soo, let’s get it out there quick that I did not read a lot in March. The TL;DR is that I was sick for a majority of it, so that […]

Reader Empathy

So do you judge the narrative because it's not your narrative, or do you accept it as someone's narrative independent of your own? Sometimes, we have to do the latter. Sometimes we have to buck up and be okay with the story not being about our own experiences and being empathetic when they're not.

February Re(ad)cap

So despite having read basically nothing in January, I hit my stride this month with a nice selection of books that I was ecstatic to get through. I don’t think […]