Review Policy

Hi there! If you’re reading this page, you’re probably an author looking for a review. I put this together to make the process as simple and easy as possible for the both of us.


I write detailed, spoiler-free reviews as well as spoilery discussions, dependent on how I feel about a book. In both, I generally go over plot, themes, and writing, with a look at the characters and my feelings overall about how well everything was executed. All reviews are posted to Goodreads and StoryGraph, and occasionally I’ll post reviews and discussions here!

I do post negative reviews, but I try to keep them (1) respectful and (2) constructive. I don’t want my critique or criticisms to be malicious, even if a book personally wasn’t for me. (For a good look at how I treat works I was less than jazzed about you can see my review for Her Infernal Descent here.)

Important Note: I am currently accepting review requests for the 2021 review year; this does not mean that your book has to be releasing in 2021, rather, my review spots for this year have filled up and I’m planning ahead for next year’s requests. You can consult the table below to see what slots are available for next year, and when contacting me for a review, can state if you want your review completed in a specific month, or at the next available slot.

CLOSEDOpen OpenOpenOpenOpen
CLOSEDOpenOpenOpen OpenOpen
Open indicates an available review slot; closed indicates a slot has been taken. 3 per month.
Open indicates an available review slot; closed indicates a slot has been taken. 3 per month.

What I’m Looking For

Adult Literature ONLY*
*Please do not send requests for middle grade or young adult categories. I am also not interested in taking review copies for non-fiction or memoir.

  • Fantasy (high, epic, grim dark, heavy on magic, magical creatures, magical realism)
  • Science Fiction (space operas, cyberpunk, afrofuturism, hard science fiction, space exploration)
  • Formats in novella/short stories, novels, or anthologies.
  • Books with LGBT+, multi-cultural, or neuro-divergent characters, content, themes, etc.
  • I’m also particularly interested in overlapping genres or genre mash-ups.

Additionally, I would like to add that I am looking to take review requests exclusively for indie authors fitting the above criteria, with a preference for own voices works in general (this does not mean that your book has to unpack or tackle trauma related to specific identities; I’m here for the uplifting stories centering marginalized character as well) and books written by Black indie authors in particular.

How to Contact Me

Please include ‘Review Request’ as the subject of your email, with a blurb/synopsis as the body of your message, along with your genre, and intended audience. I try to respond to all messages, even if they’re to decline, but if I don’t get back to you, please feel free to check back in.

You can also contact me via the contact form on this blog, following the same instructions. I would prefer that Twitter not be used for correspondence, as it’s harder to keep track of messages there! Please be aware that emails and contact messages that do not follow these guidelines will be disregarded.