Reader Empathy

Whether we intentionally do it or not, we look for ourselves in media. It’s a natural thing to want to see your experiences reflected in what you consume. The caveat with that is, for as many people that share your exact experiences, there are that many people who’ve had different experiences with the same thing. When we come across stories that echo our experiences but don’t quite hit the mark, it’s hard to figure out if it’s a bad thing, or if it’s just a different thing.

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February Re(ad)cap

So despite having read basically nothing in January, I hit my stride this month with a nice selection of books that I was ecstatic to get through. I don’t think I’ve had a month in recent years that the reading left me feeling this content and fulfilled.

Books I Finished

This month was a good one for my reading. I got through four novels, two graphic novels, a poetry collection, and a novella. The real heavy hitter this month was Illuminae, sitting at over 600 pages of raw science fiction goodness, followed by Drops of Cerulean which decimated my heart.

I think the thing that I enjoyed the most this month about what I read was the variety in what I read, not just the kind of books, but the variation of genre, age group, and content in general. It was exciting flitting from one book to the next, almost resetting my brain for the next world to immerse myself in. I got emotional with Drops of Cerulean and The Color Purple, rekindled my love of science fiction with Illuminae, and learned that I might have a fondness for poetry with Sparks of Phoenix.

Favorite Book of the Month: Illuminae -heart eyes-

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ARC Review | A Deep Dive into Deep Cosmos

However, it seemed like, through all the scattered words, he simply wanted to know who she was and reassure her that she was safe. She felt that this was very sweet of him, even if his methods of expressing it were primitive at best.

Deep Cosmos, Project Kyle

The Run-Down

Deep Cosmos is a science fiction novel written by Project Kyle that explores trauma, friendship, and the growth that can happen when the two collide in the middle of deep space. When Nerd, an operative of the not-so-secret organization known as Deep Cosmos, saves Sophia, a warrior, from his nemesis Doctor Crimson, the pair are immediately thrown into a race to save a universe full of problems. From rouge mercs, to mad scientists, space is far from a peaceful final frontier for Sophia and Nerd. We follow them through daring escapes, intergalactic plagues, and tumultuous pasts that seek to catch up with them at every turn.

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Becoming a Reader Again

There was a time where I used to be completely enraptured by reading—not just the act, but by the mere thought of a book. There was nothing that brought me pure joy like having the weight of a brand-new hardbound in my hands or cracking open an untouched spine to reach in and feel the tooth of the page beneath my fingers as I turned the first, unworn pages. And the scent. The scent of a new book was almost better than the inky words on the page, removing me from my reality for hours at a time.

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